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“Tyler Renee > Jiji (Kiki's Delivery Service) #tattoo #ink #art”


  1. Posted by FrEezEYoUrBraIn_uwu, — Reply

    Jiji it's so cute! And the mug that he said was like him in the movie is just adorable 💖

  2. Posted by greyisurdad, — Reply

    I'm just imagining how dope a grandma would look with that

  3. Posted by JagerbombShots, — Reply

    Jiji: *Sees tattoo* "Kiki! Look! It's me!"

  4. Posted by yakusheva7574, — Reply

    Похож на кота из аниме синий экзорцист

  5. Posted by destinyrogers2, — Reply

    The hearts aren't even and it bothers me rip

  6. Posted by NIGHTMAREINDREAMLAND, — Reply

    that shading rocks

  7. Posted by AshleighMorningstar, — Reply

    I need one

  8. Posted by beckinikki, — Reply

    So cute!

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